[RndTbl] pagers anyone?

Bradford C Vokey brad at fsi.ca
Tue Jul 24 15:04:12 CDT 2018

Calling Trevor!

I know he used to use one as little as 5 years ago....

I think he has now written a custom Android app to replace what he needed it for...

On July 24, 2018 12:10:19 PM CDT, Dan Keizer <ve4drk at gmail.com> wrote:
>so, like, yeah, who USED TO use these things?  (odd side question too -
>still does?)
>and ..if you don't use them and you still have them ... I'm interested
>getting some units that work in the 440MHZ (UHF) band.  -- read Ham
>If you have such a unit(s), drop me a note ...

Bradford C. Vokey

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