[RndTbl] Looking for short term contractor

Gerald Brandt gbr at majentis.com
Wed Jul 4 12:54:40 CDT 2018


I'm going on 3 weeks holidays in August, and my boss wants me to find an 
emergency contractor in case all the systems decide to go belly up while 
I'm gone. This contractor would only be called in case of emergencies.

Normally, I'd pass the IT stuff onto someone in-house, but there's no 
one here that knows what's going on since my backup guy left.

This is what we run:

  * Proxmox 5.2
  * Synology NAS servers (NFS)
  * Various Linux VM's
  * A couple of Windows VM's
  * Univention Corporate Server (for Active Directory)
  * BackupPC for daily backups

Basically, if things fail, it's just getting the Proxmox Servers running 
again and restoring VM images from backup. Possibly restoring more 
recent data from BackupPC.


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