[RndTbl] recommendations for 4k video card under Linux

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Mon Apr 30 23:31:33 CDT 2018

On 2018-04-30 Gilles Detillieux wrote:
> That's the thing. I'm not sure exactly which driver it's using. What

Must be nouveau as none of the major distros ship the nvidia binary
running by default AFAIK.

lsmod | grep -P 'nouveau|nvidia'

Will reveal the truth.  The only way it can't be one of the two is if
it's Wayland and Wayland doesn't use nouveau (which I have zero
knowledge about either way (purposely)).

> says "(II) glamor: OpenGL accelerated X.org driver based." That

Oh, forget what I just said about Wayland.

Glamor should sit on top of nouveau.  Nouveau does a decent amount of
hw acceleration now too, it's just the super-modern fancy stuff it
won't do (like vdpau last I checked).  If you want super low-CPU
accelerated video, vdpau is awesome.

> gain voltage resolution on the Y.) The trick is once you have the
> display configured properly for your login account, you need to copy
> that to GDM's configuration:

I'm using lightdm, but it probably has a similar setup, I'll check it
out, thanks!  I figured it was a matter of the dm being too early in
the sequence to know what the user has selected (part of the problem
of randr being configured per-user rather than per-system like the
good ol' xorg.conf days).  Since I only reboot once every few months
(whenever a CVE pops up that actually applies to me), it's not high on
my priority list. :-)

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