[RndTbl] Looking for some AWK magic

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Sun Sep 24 18:20:33 CDT 2017

On 2017-09-21 Wyatt Zacharias wrote:
> So I've got a storage appliance that I'm trying to generate a growth
> chart on, but the output format of the statistics is not in a usable
> format.
> The output looks like this, with each day of the week in a column,
> and then 6 rows of data underneath, and then it repeats.
>    -2-      -3-      -4-      -5-      -6-       -7-       -8-
> 5827.1   6865.6   3551.2   4649.5   4006.6   15803.5   10305.0
>  199.4    353.4    175.9    200.7    172.5     584.0     554.2

Like John said, this is perfect for perl.  And perl is available on
every system, even HPUX, and it doesn't even need to be a modern perl.
You've probably already solved it, but I'll throw a perl solution out
there for kicks:

# build a sane data structure of what you want
while (<>) {
  next if /^\s*$/;

  $redates='\s+-(\d+)-'x7; # build the regex
  @dates=/$redates/,$stanza++,next if /$redates/;

  if (@nums=/$renums/) {
    foreach $i (0..6) {
      push(@{$table{sprintf "%02d%02d",$stanza,$dates[$i]}},$nums[$i]);

# now do what you want on the data
foreach	$stanzadate (sort keys %table) {
  print "$stanzadate: ".join(' , ',@{$table{$stanzadate}})."\n";

  # do something with it
  # foreach $entry (@{$table{$stanzadate}}) { $sum+=$entry... whatever }

It was a little more complicated because the dates can (and do) repeat,
so the hash key I made a combination key so it still sorts nicely.

I can also see a way to do it in plain bash with head and cut, and
maybe paste?  But my bash looping syntax skillz stink, so I leave that
as an exercise.

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