[RndTbl] Firefox remote control / or headless js? MozRepl gone...

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Fri Sep 8 00:24:43 CDT 2017

MozRepl, which I use to remotely control Firefox, is officially broken as 
of FF55 and the devs say it won't be fixed and can't really work in the 
future anyhow as FF ditches XPCOM.  That means I can't use 
WWW::Mechanize::Firefox anymore (as demo'd (demoed? demod?...) in a MUUG 
meeting a couple of years back).

So I'm left looking for alternatives... Anyone else know of / is using any 
good progrmamatic browser remote-controllers?  Hopefully they'd support FF 
and Perl, but I could convert/find workarounds if it supported different 

Also, beyond that, are there any good libraries /modules for interacting 
with web pages "headless", that is, having the dom and js handled all in 
memory without any actual browser or window showing?

I'd love to hear about personal experience / anecdotes, but just rattling 
off some names to research would be helpful too.  Thanks!

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