[RndTbl] Ryzen latency (was: Reddit - networking - Can a BSD system replicate the performance of high-end router appliance?)

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Fri Nov 17 07:45:10 CST 2017

I can tell you right now that I/O and memory bandwidth is where you'll get 8x gains, not CPU speeds.
ECC, ok, yes, spend money on that.
But otherwise splurge for an NVMe SSD, long before spending $1 extra on the CPU.

On November 16, 2017 11:53:22 PM CST, Trevor Cordes <trevor at tecnopolis.ca> wrote:
>On 2017-11-16 Kevin McGregor wrote:
>> The question is, which (types of) applications have sucky performance
>> specifically because of this? It may be a perfectly reasonable design
>> choice for some/many use cases.
>Possibly.  Adam's article actually c&p'ed the ryzen paragraphs from
>other (game-centric) ryzen articles (or vice-versa?).
>However, none of the articles I read tell me what the upside is... they
>just list the downside (latency).  I assume AMD chose bandwidth over
>latency, so one would hope the bw would be much higher on ryzen to
>compensate for latency.  Then your app will dictate whether ryzen or
>xeon is better.
>As Adam said, one would hope AMD made this design decision on purpose,
>rather than as a mistake.  As a mistake, think lack of barrel shifter
>on P4's.  No one said chip designers are perfect... so I wouldn't be
>too surprised either way.
>I stopped caring about that "last tiny bit of performance" about 10
>years ago.  If my next workstation is around 8X faster than my current
>one for my workload, then I don't really care if it is actually 7X or
>9X, as long as the price is semi-affordable.  And I get ECC.  And I get
>a x16/x16 slot for discrete graphics.
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