[RndTbl] config setup

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Thu May 11 02:21:42 CDT 2017

On 2017-05-11 Adam Thompson wrote:
> Yikes, that's barely readable now... And could have been done as a
> 1kb text file anyway.  But I digress.

Hah.  The original looked just as bad (I compared before posting)
across 3 pages.  It took me waaay less time to unwrap the pdf and pnmcat
the images vs the time to transcribe to ASCII.  I was tempted but don't
have the time tonight.

> 2) deliberately choosing a motherboard and a video card from
> direct competitors (suggest getting them from the same mfgr to avoid
> conflicting "optimizer" utilities)

I 80% disagree... mix & match VC and MB willy nilly, they'll still
work.  However, your "optimizer" bit might hold true if you're tweaking
the heck out of it, and the vendors provide said tools vs just
repackaging the stock nvidia ones.

Since I strongly discourage the use of vendor "optimizers" for all but
the most advanced users, I would say just plunk in the stock nvidia
utilities and don't worry about it.

That said, it isn't terribly hard to match vendors, especially if you
use Asus.

> Other thoughts:
> - the PSU can probably be whatever generic crap NewEgg sells this
> week without making much difference

Ha!  See my other post.  The PS boils down to "I want the gamut
between weird hard-to-pin-down problems through to no-POST and actual
fires with my system sooner rather than later" vs "I want to never have
problems". Been selling hardware / custom systems since 1997 and
learned my PS lessons the hard way... YMMV of course.  Funny, the #1
hardest thing to research and source are good PS's.

I'll agree with you in one regard, the fancy marketing, high wattage,
and high price ones don't mean squat when it comes to being "good".
1200W $200 supplies are usually just as junky as 400W cheapos, just
with higher wattage.  People are all looking at the wrong specs.  A
couple of vendors care and "get it", but 99% don't.

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