[RndTbl] IP ID field

Vijay Sankar vsankar at foretell.ca
Thu Jul 20 05:17:38 CDT 2017

I am a bit confused about IP ID and was wondering about the following.

Is it normal to have the same IP ID for the initial SYN packet from  
different source IP addresses? There is no fragmentation issues in  
this case since it is only 40 bytes and I see this same IP ID only  
with attempts to establish a session to 161/TCP.

I read through RFCs (mostly 6861 and 4413) but not sure. Please let me  
know if you can give me any clues or suggestions.

Thanks very much,

Vijay Sankar, M.Eng., P.Eng.
ForeTell Technologies Limited
vsankar at foretell.ca

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