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For all those who might be interested…


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The BSides Winnipeg 2017 CFP is open from now until August 16th. Please find the text of the CFP below, as well as the PDF version attached.



Call For Papers


BSides Winnipeg 2017 occurs on November 4th & 5th, and will consist of a single speaking track. Presentations are expected to be 20 to 25 minutes, followed by a few minutes for Q&A. Like all BSides, we especially encourage people that have never presented before to submit to this CFP!


We are looking for presentations that talk about infosec tools, specific exploits, legal issues, privacy, defensive and offensive measures, cryptography, password cracking, reverse engineering, lockpicking, and software-defined radio. If your presentation doesn't fit into any of those categories, pitch it anyway!


Submissions should be in plain text and answer the following questions:

*	May we refer to you by your name? If so, what is your name? If not, by what pseudonym should we refer to you?
*	What email address should we use to contact you?
*	What is the title of your presentation?
*	In one paragraph, provide a description of your presentation (i.e. an abstract)
*	Who are you, what are you known for?
*	Has this material been presented elsewhere? If so, where and when?
*	Are you presenting as a representative of:

*	Yourself?
*	A company? If so, what is its name?
*	A group? If so, what is its name?

*	Will you be traveling to the event? If so, from where?


Failure to answer any of the above questions will likely result in your submission being summarily rejected. Any talks we feel are marketing or sales pitches will definitely be rejected.


We will live stream, and record for online distribution, all presentations made at the event. Your name (or pseudonym), the title of your presentation, and your presentation’s abstract will appear in several places and be posted indefinitely along with the recording of your presentation; take some time to consider what to write for them.


Submissions must be emailed to  <mailto:cfp at bsideswpg.ca> cfp at bsideswpg.ca. The CFP opens on Saturday, July 1st and the deadline for submissions is Wednesday, August 16th. Each submission that we receive will have its receipt confirmed within 24 hours, for your peace of mind. You will be informed if any information that we require is missing. Every submission will be responded to by Friday, September 1st with our decision as to whether it has been accepted. Speakers will receive a complimentary ticket to the event, and a token of our appreciation.

All submissions are greatly appreciated, but we're running a single track for two days, so there are limited slots available, constraining the number of presentations that we can accept. If you have any questions about the CFP or the conference, please email the organizers at  <mailto:organizers at bsideswpg.ca> organizers at bsideswpg.ca. 

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