[RndTbl] Attempted murder of sysadmin

Hartmut W Sager hwsager at marityme.net
Mon Jul 10 04:55:33 CDT 2017

Adam wrote:
> (Oh, and it's not just sysadmins.  Remember "visual programming"?  Each
> it gets reinvented, it's going to let business users do their own
> and get rid of all those overpaid programmers.  Yeah, right.  I still see
> of programmers.  Just, hardly any of them write in assembler or COBOL
> Although 4GLs haven't exactly taken over the world...)
Trevor wrote:
> Nice reply, Adam, guess the rest of MUUG is off to the cottage, or not
> an admin, or too busy shaking in their boots to reply :-)  As we both
> said, no reason for anyone to get scared about any of this stuff as
> long as your skillset is deep and wide.

No cottage for me.  I'm still here and enjoying this whole thread, which
strikes a real chord with me.  I've made many similar observations in my IT
life.  Even as far back as circa 1988-1990, I remember an IT journal
article entitled "The End of Programmers (Again)".  Non-programmers
generally don't even understand or appreciate the concepts of algorithms
and processes, and seem to think that a simple script without conditional
logic/branching can do everything.

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