[RndTbl] latest kernel rate limits icmp to different hosts? (** nmap shows bug! **) SOLVED + FIXED

Frank H alteahandle-muug at yahoo.ca
Thu Jan 5 10:25:07 CST 2017

Happy New Year Trevor!
Your links to LMKL relevant patches are saying 'bad gateway' 'website is offline'
Is this to say you contribute to the linux kernel? or to Fedora?
Looks like a lot of work but rewarding

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 Subject: Re: [RndTbl] latest kernel rate limits icmp to different hosts? (** nmap shows bug! **) SOLVED + FIXED
Followup to my posts last month re: bursty packet being dropped with
"operation not permitted".

LKML guys finally got around to fixing and (soon) committing to stable
tree.  Their fix for 4.8 was to just revert the two patches that I had
bisected down to.  However, for 4.9 they say they have done a "real"
fix rather than a simple revert.  That won't help me with F24 though
until F24 rebases to 4.9 (which could be whenever).

Relevant LMKL patch-for-review here:

Funny, but to work on this bisection and LKML submission I followed my
MUUG presentation notes from 2015.  (Slides still available!
https://muug.ca/meetings/150609-git-bisect.pdf and I'm currently
working on another bisect on another box for another bug!  Isn't
bleeding edge fun!)

In the end, I hope every MUUGer obtains the knowledge to bisect and get
fixed any kernel bug they are running into.  The whole process for this
one took about a month, with maybe another few weeks until the fix is
in mainline for F24 and I can simply dnf to update to it.  If it was
urgent, I could easily whip up my own rpm with the patches in it for
use in the meantime.

Extra special thanks to Theo & Wyatt for helping to pin down and
confirm this bug!
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