[RndTbl] new ECC computer options

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Tue Feb 14 01:49:08 CST 2017

On 2017-01-28 Kevin McGregor wrote:
> The AMD FX series is definitely "enthusiast" as are the AM3+ boards
> that support it. The AMD Opterons are the server-class models. The FX
> series definitely supports ECC; I use them with ECC with no trouble.

I spent some time reading more about the upcoming Ryzen stuff and the
consensus regarding ECC support on "desktop" and "power user" boards is
that nobody knows.  Most people think there will be ECC options because
some previous gen boards did, but no company has committed to saying
the support will be in Ryzen.

It does appear that ECC is guaranteed if you use a "server" or
"workstation" board (i.e. probably over $200, or without x16 slot), but
then that puts Ryzen in the same boat as Xeon and for the same money
I'll just buy a Xeon.

So I guess we can hope, and wait and see.  It's like the world is a big
conspiracy to keep ECC out of "affordable" boards, when (from my
reading and MUUG discussions) ECC on the desktop is desired by tons of
people.  You'd think there'd be a niche in there somewhere if some
enterprising company can realize it...

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