[RndTbl] ls auto-quote rant

John Lange john at johnlange.ca
Mon Feb 6 10:01:51 CST 2017

I find this an interesting topic. Technically, there is absolutely nothing
wrong with spaces in file names. The OS and file systems are designed to
allow it, and frankly, users love it (just browse any company file system
if you doubt me). The reality is, the only reason admins hate spaces is
because BASH is so terrible at handling them. Like really _really_
terrible. I don't do much bash scripting anymore so I've gotten a bit rusty
on all the ticks for escaping spaces, so much so that the other day I was
trying to write what should have been a simple script, and I had to give up
and write it in PHP instead.

So what does it say about Linux when the most popular shell is basically
incompatible with it's own file system? Why are we still stuck with this
crappy shell?

John Lange
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