[RndTbl] limited Linux Desktop?

Grigory Shamov Grigory.Shamov at umanitoba.ca
Thu Feb 2 12:35:58 CST 2017

Hi All,

That is perhaps a naive question. I have never had much tho do with desktops.  Now, we offer remote Linux desktop (Gnome mostly) to users with x2go.  Is there a way to configure GNOME (or another) desktop somehow locked to the particular users and perhaps even particular apps?

I.e., so that any Filemanager would stay under selected paths the user has access to? Access itself is not a problem, as it is controlled by UNIX groups, but just browsing say /home with a few thousand user directories gets slow and disk/CPU-intensive.

(Or perhaps the way would be to auto mount users, but thats a rather big change for the rest of the system too)

Grigory Shamov
Westgrid/ComputeCanada Site Lead
University of Manitoba
E2-588 EITC Building,
(204) 474-9625

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