[RndTbl] git expert needed

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Fri Dec 22 00:30:25 CST 2017

Are there any git *experts* out there that want a super-short consultant 
job?  Like a couple/few hours?  It would be for me, mostly just talk, not 
much "doing".  Maybe an initial "here's what I want to do", followed by 
your opinion, and maybe a couple of followup emails as I actualize your 

I can offer very good per-hour pay, as the hours would be minimal.  No set 
time required, ultimate flexibility, no onsite visit required, work from 

I need someone who *really* understands subtrees and (possibly) 
submodules, and how to use them on a tightly coupled 2 shared libs + 2 
moderately related projects.  Most of the work has already been done to 
make these things happen, but I'm running into tons of gotchas and error 
messages that make no sense to me regarding subtrees.  I don't want to 
waste a zillion hours doing and redoing my git architecture trying to 
guess which of a hundred ways to do it when I can just pick the brain of 
an expert.

P.S. If you are qualified, but don't have time or inclination and just 
want to help out a MUUGer, maybe I can just email you a quick outline 
informally and you could offer brief advice?

Email me offlist.  Thanks!

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