[RndTbl] Laser printer free to good home

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Mon Dec 11 14:04:21 CST 2017

Free to a good (or even bad) home:

Lexmark Optra S 1255 laser printer (working)
* Duplexer included
* Has PCL5, Postscript 3, not sure what other personalities
* 1200dpi
* Has ethernet card (works)
* 3 "trays" (1 manual, 2 trays capable of 11x14" paper)
* Still has a good amount of toner left in the super-high-volume 
cartridge, IIRC
* I think it was a 35ppm printer?

* Fuser drum is nearing end of life - probably only has another 2~4k 
pages left in it
* Paper pickup rollers are at end of life - easy enough to fix, I can't 
be bothered.  Mostly works.
* LCD is almost unreadable now - theoretically fixable, but again can't 
be bothered.  Barely works.
* Slightly larger than modern units
* Slightly heavier than modern units

First come, first served.

No bites = it gets recycled.


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