[RndTbl] wacky NFS port problem

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Mon Oct 24 05:37:00 CDT 2016

> Ya, I think systemd has something like that... 
>Seems like an impossible problem since
> lower layers shouldn't be parsing higher layer conf files...

Um... we are talking about system, here.  However, IIRC, you had to enumerate the ports yourself in /etc/default/portreserve or something like that.

> I guess I'll hit the systemd docs, if they exist, about this feature, to see if
> that could do it for me.  However, I'm glad I also have my other
> workaround as I don't trust systemd not to mess up their feature
> (change syntax, semantics, etc) in the future as they've done to me
> sooooo many times.

Welcome to Windows :-).
(Feel free to switch to *BSD, although maybe not FreeBSD since they're in the middle of completely reorganizing their init system, too...)


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