[RndTbl] latest kernel rate limits SOCK_RAW send()??

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Tue Nov 29 05:48:58 CST 2016

Yikes, even weirder than I thought.  It's not a cap issue.  I put some
debugs in it and it's getting around 30-220 pings out the door before
it randomly fails on one of them with the "Operation not permitted"

If I flush and reload my iptables then it sometimes gets through all
254 pings I'm doing (it's my own subnet, I'm allowed to scan!).  After
that first scan, the count it allows seems to reduce and then fluctuate.

I checked any iptables rules that could apply and for kicks I changed
everywhere I did icmp rate limiting on type 8 (echo) to unlimited (just
-j ACCEPT).  I also cleared the iptables counters, ran my test, and
checked what rules were incrementing and nothing was standing out, and
the ones that did increment I got rid of and the problem remains.

Sure feels like an iptable rate-limiting thing, but I just can't spot
the problem after extensive checking of my rules and their counters.
Besides, I do almost no iptables on OUTPUT table, and default on OUTPUT

It's like some other rate limiter has been put into the kernel.

If I add to the script before the send() call a sleep(.002) (hires
sleep enabled in perl) then the bug doesn't occur!  Works every time!
If I set it to sleep(.001) then the bug starts to occur again about
half the time.  So something got introduced in the newest kernel that is
limiting me to around 500s send() calls.

I'll see if I can get an internet-unplugged, iptables completely off
test in soon to completely eliminate iptables: tough because I am
accessing this (offsite) test box via ssh at the moment.

Anyone aware of anything else/new that could cause this?  Anything else
in the kernel that rate limits stuff like this?  Other ideas to test to
rule out?  Like I said, this bug does not occur in 4.7.10-100.fc23,
just 4.8.8-100.fc23.  I hope I don't have to git bisect to solve this

Thanks! (Sorry for the copious emails!)

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