[RndTbl] MUUG Mailing Lists Migrated

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Thu Nov 17 02:50:48 CST 2016

The MUUG e-mailing lists (of which you are a subscriber if you are
reading this email!) have been migrated from the old server to the new

With this change we are encouraging everyone to update their address
books (and spam exception lists, etc.) to use @muug.ca instead of the
old @muug.mb.ca. For the time being, both domains will function, but
from this point on, muug.ca will be the preferred domain.  In the
distant future, muug.mb.ca will probably go away.

For example, to send email to the roundtable mailing list, you'd now
send it to roundtable at muug.ca

In addition, with the migration of the mailman mailing list web
archives, thus concludes our migration of the entire MUUG web and ftp
trove, and you can update your browser bookmarks to the new domain as

If you notice any glitches, please let the MUUG board know.  Thanks!

Additional: I'd like to say a word of thanks to lisa, our venerable AMD
dual-core muug server, having served us well for 5 years.  Thanks
lisa.  And thanks to the U of M for having hosted us all those years!

https://muug.ca/mona5.html (for the complete history)

(For comparison, MUUG's 1994 server was a SPARCstation 2 with 1G
disk and 16MB RAM!)

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