[RndTbl] embedded linux hw question

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Thu May 12 10:15:14 CDT 2016

Yeah, that'll be a Fiery controller.  There will be serial out on it 
somewhere... almost guaranteed to be accessible via test pads, if 
nothing else.  Most likely only 3-wire serial.  You could try asking 
someone at Skullspace - that's the kind of stuff they enjoy more than 
our group.  I have a Bus Pirate you can borrow if you need.

On 16-05-12 01:39 AM, Trevor Cordes wrote:
> I'm still working on that embedded linux print server I've mentioned
> before.  I've gotten it to power on, fans spin, nic blinks, hdd spins, hdd
> light blinks (but not as much as I'd like).  But it doesn't talk on the
> network at all.
> I'm flying blind and it would be really handy if I could find a port on
> this thing to get serial console or vga out.  Unfortunately, this thing is
> super proprietary and I can't get any google hits on relevant pcb part
> numbers.
> Maybe there's some standard pin naming someone out there knows?
> Here's the connectors I can find that look promising:
> 10-pin ISPJTAG (google says it's for flash programming)
> 10-pin SX (no idea, but I tried putting a serial on it, nada)
> 14-pin P1 (no pins, just holes)
> 34-pin unlabelled
> there are also a few 2-pin jumper connectors:
> MFG0
> MFG1
> SMBUS (no pins)
> Are any of these remotely useful for getting console or vga?
> It really seems like I'm getting somewhere but linux isn't booting
> completely, that's my guess.  Looks like it's embedded Intel CPUs.  The
> company that made the PCB is "Electronics for Imaging", from 2001.  (It
> goes with a very expensive printer.)
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