[RndTbl] embedded linux hw question

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Thu May 12 01:39:20 CDT 2016

I'm still working on that embedded linux print server I've mentioned 
before.  I've gotten it to power on, fans spin, nic blinks, hdd spins, hdd 
light blinks (but not as much as I'd like).  But it doesn't talk on the 
network at all.

I'm flying blind and it would be really handy if I could find a port on 
this thing to get serial console or vga out.  Unfortunately, this thing is 
super proprietary and I can't get any google hits on relevant pcb part 

Maybe there's some standard pin naming someone out there knows?

Here's the connectors I can find that look promising:

10-pin ISPJTAG (google says it's for flash programming)
10-pin SX (no idea, but I tried putting a serial on it, nada)
14-pin P1 (no pins, just holes)
34-pin unlabelled

there are also a few 2-pin jumper connectors:
SMBUS (no pins)

Are any of these remotely useful for getting console or vga?

It really seems like I'm getting somewhere but linux isn't booting 
completely, that's my guess.  Looks like it's embedded Intel CPUs.  The 
company that made the PCB is "Electronics for Imaging", from 2001.  (It 
goes with a very expensive printer.)

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