[RndTbl] just me? fido

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Tue Jan 5 15:46:42 CST 2016

In the latest rev of their web site, Fido broke the login functionality 
for me in Firefox on linux.  Works on FF on Windows and Chrome on Windows.

Is anyone else having a problem?  fido.ca -> login ... no popup ever 
appears for me to type in the user/pass.

Strangely, FF on linux says that some content is not https, but FF on 
Windows says *all* the content is https.  I wonder if I change my UA 
string if that would go away... but even when I "allow all content" it 
still won't let me login.

I think FF used to have a web page you could go and submit broken popular 
websites to so they could examine / fix?  Do they still do this?  Can't 
find it anywhere.  I suppose there's the mozilla bugzilla...

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