[RndTbl] UI convention to show collapsible content (+ and - icons vs left/right and down arrows)

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Sun Jan 3 17:34:31 CST 2016

(Adam, Trevor, and MUUG round table, I have added you to this discussion 
for you valuable input.)

My kids and I have been discussing proper icons to distinguish 
collapsible content on the web (specifically on one of my new mobile 
friendly/responsive web pages: 

Our discussions were for which icons identify the collapsible content 
behavior the best (arrows/chevrons vs +/-).

After much more web based research I think I will stick to '<' for 
collapsed and 'v' for expanded as using +/- icons can confuse users that 
this is as an 'add/remove' action.

And sorry Alex, I see only a small sampling of reference to an '^' arrow 
to show collapsed content.

Interesting to note that when using arrows the icon shows the 'current' 
state but when using +/- the icons show the 'action' state.

Don't you just love UI transitions, as in the 'hamburger' menu icon...

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