[RndTbl] at command

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Sat Feb 27 15:49:54 CST 2016

Here's the precise debug email I got from cron:

sh: line 69: warning: here-document at line 68 delimited by end-of-file
(wanted `marcinDELIMITER04dba0c8') /bin/sh: 1marcinDELIMITER04dba0c8:
ambiguous redirect

It spooks me a little bit as that's a funky here-doc string to look
for, and WTF with the redirect?  Doesn't look like anything I would
have scripted (I rarely use heredocs).

The problem with requiring the caller of at to do something to log at
commands is that that won't help track/log if someone manages to inject
a malicious at command.  The above evidence smells to me of some
compromised program allowing someone to set a timed at job as my user.
But it could just be me being paranoid...

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