[RndTbl] RJ12 jack

Robert Dyck rbdyck2 at shaw.ca
Tue Feb 23 00:22:12 CST 2016

---Hartmut W Sager wrote:
> Your impatient customer is very unusual for Winnipeg, where customers
will typically go to great lengths and detriment to save a buck.

They've been struggling with a pair of used tanning beds for a couple
weeks. They called me, rather than an electrician because I'm cheap.
Turned out neither bed worked. They had to scavenge parts from one to
get the other to go. I was first called in to fix their shop computer,
but as soon as I got there they asked me to fix the beds. First problem
was someone had cut the DSL line at telephone punch-down block. One of
her employees tried to re-wire it, but got it wrong. I was able to
identify which conducters were the phone line, and get it re-wired. Was
also able to read the schematic for the beds, found they hadn't
connected the data/control line from the power box in the base to the
lid/top. Did verify they had 240-volt power to the wired in correctly.
Was scary working with open high voltage circuits. I cut the power and
the electrical panel, connected a volt meter, then turned the power on
without touching the volt meter. I won't stick my hand into a live
circuit at 240-volts.

The owner is a slum landlord. A repeat customer, she gets me to fix
computers for her extended family, and tennants. She likes my work,
thought I could fix anything. Well, this took too long. And she wanted
one bed working for her paying customer. She shit on her employee, who
got impatient with me. Shit rolled down hill.

So no, not really unusual for Winnipeg. In fact this particular crew are
a foul mouth lot. I could get some bad habits. One thing that
particularly bugged me was this one employee tried to criticise me for
drinking at home, in the evening, off hours. I saw this same guy
drinking while on the job, and most importantly drinking *while*
driving. With a beer king can tucked in his seat belt. Is it too much to
ask customers to not call me 10:30 at night?

Rob Dyck

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