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Thanks Wyatt -- great discussion.

Interesting to point out that while the Manitoba Unix Users Group (
http://muug.mb.ca) had it's meeting discussing RF and radio communications,
the Winnipeg Amateur Radio Club (http://winnipegarc.org) had it's meeting a
day prior discussing computers and applications. :-)

There are at least a half dozen ham radio operators (including Wyatt, who
presented) that are MUUG attendees.

There is a Winnipeg and regional ham-radio wireless network which is
established, operating and routing within the city.  This is using amateur
radio specific frequencies outside the unlicenced 2.4/5.8 GHz spectrum -
that being 2.3/etc frequencies.  These frequencies are allocated by
Industry Canada and amateur radio operators have assignments in those
bands.  We also can run higher power with much more directional control of
RF than would otherwise be available to the public.
As an example, we have sector antennas mounted on a tall building in
downtown area which provides a 5 MHz channel.  With that, I can sustain
10Mbps down and 2Mbps up on a 20(ish) db antenna mounted on my house - all
within the amateur radio spectrum allocation.  There are backhaul links for
a few other connections that are in place.  We also provide a PBX for local
and regional calling.
To read more, check out:  http://va4wan.ampr.org/    Be sure to check out
the cool pics of our setups...  Thanks to Les (http://les.net) for
providing BGP routing and air-fibre connection.

One item was mentioned at the meeting and that was there is an upcoming ham
radio class where you can write the exam and get your ham radio licence.
Information can be found on the WARC website as such:
It is a highly popular course these days with over 2 dozen currently
scheduled in the class.  (And no, you don't need to know morse code to get
your radio licence these days -- but it is a fun mode).
There's been a significant amount of convergence between the radio (RF)
world and the digital (CPU) world in the past while -- things are getting


On 10 February 2016 at 09:10, Wyatt Zacharias <wyatt at magitech.ca> wrote:

> If anyone would like to download the slides from last nights meetings they
> are available in pptx and pdf formats at the links below.
> http://muug.mb.ca/meetings/WirelessTheoryandRegulations.pdf
> http://muug.mb.ca/meetings/WirelessTheoryandRegulations.pptx
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