[RndTbl] how to share/move sensitive data

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Thu Aug 25 04:37:13 CDT 2016

On 2016-08-24 Robert Keizer wrote:
> Tar it up and compress it. Scp it.

Hah, a bit simpler than my way.

But do keep in mind scp won't resume and if the sender is on a 2Mb
up MTS DSL connection or similar it could take a looooong time to
upload and no guarantee either side's connection or computers wouldn't
go wonky during that time.

I'm not sure I did the math right, but I calculate at 2Mb/s 400GB would
take 18 *days*??!?

scp would be good if you chunked the pieces real small, but bad for a
single 400GB file, unless both sides have a great, fast, reliable

You've been spoiled by fast pipes, Rob!!

P.S. Maybe sneakernet would be a better option if your pipe is small...
Buy 4 128GB SD cards or 1 500GB SSD drive, use split and gpg -c to
chunk and encrypt; throw in a Xpresspost or UPS Express envelope and
ship 1-2 day for around $15-$30.  Figure 1 day to write the data
(especially on slow SD cards, SSD would be waaay faster), 1-2 days en
route. All done in 3 days.  But you'll spend ~$250 on the cards/ssd,
but you can keep it for use another day.

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