[RndTbl] Serial to IP Gateway?

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Wed Aug 17 18:07:11 CDT 2016

> to my test pc's serial port, it will prompt for the username and then
> initiate a telnet session for you. Now how can I get mgetty to skip
> the login prompt entirely and go right to telnet? Any ideas?

I think Adam might be right, you probably don't want a *getty at all
here!  What you almost certainly want to do is just program the raw
serial interface, perl would be easiest, but python might have modules
for it too.

Oh ya, and since you don't ever *getty or telnet the user never gets a
prompt!  Very important!  You don't want them to be able to break out
to a prompt unless the system is VERY VERY locked down and VERY VERY

Your script would pre-setup each "modem" line (ATZ AT&S0=1 blah blah)
and just wait for CONNECT (or RING) if you don't want to use
autoanswer.  There is no telnet or getty at all.  You just then start
talking your medical protocol via the script.  Seems very easy and
straightforward to me.  I could probably have it all working in a day.

Maybe add in a periodic check that each modem's connection hasn't been
tied up more than X minutes to stop zombie connections.

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