[RndTbl] Using Shaw 150 mbps down / 15 mbps up / 1 TB data plan on 100 mpbs ports and hardware

John Lange john at johnlange.ca
Wed Aug 17 10:30:56 CDT 2016

To be honest, I don't know which model of Cisco modem it was. This was
based on the reports of technicians in the field and the model # wasn't
given to me.

All I know is, in the two cases I'm aware of, when you order the 150
upgrade, the default modem they bring out is a Cisco and it caused us major
problems. And after you've wasted a lot of time (and cost), they'll replace
it with a Hiltron. They of course will tell you "nothing is wrong" with
their solution and it's only when you ask to be downgraded back to the old
service that they suddenly "discover" that they have another modem to try
which magically fixes everything even "though nothing was wrong" before.

We had the good fortune that both customers were upgraded on the same day
and had the exact same problems so we knew for certain that Shaw was at
fault. That gave us the ammunition to short-circuit the blame game they
were trying to play and were able to get the Cisco replaced with Hiltron in
about a day (though that was still very expensive and frustrating for the

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