[RndTbl] Using Shaw 150 mbps down / 15 mbps up / 1 TB data plan on 100 mpbs ports and hardware

John Lange john at johnlange.ca
Wed Aug 17 08:00:29 CDT 2016

Plugging a slower network into a faster one shouldn't inherently cause any

But just a heads up for anyone considering this upgrade. Most firewalls
will struggle to do 150Mbs, even if they have gigabit ports. If you don't
end up getting full speeds it may well be because your own firewall can't
handle it.

And on a related note; Shaw has 2 modems available for this service, Cisco
& Hiltron. We've experienced serious issues with the Cisco modem (almost
certainly because it's been miss-configured by Shaw). Even in bridging mode
the modem is dropping UDP packet fragments. If you experience any weird
"stalls", it may be due to this. Specifically, the Cisco modems do not work
with SIP UDP and Shaw only uses the Hiltron modems modems with their own
VOIP service.


On Wed, Aug 17, 2016 at 4:24 AM, Trevor Cordes <trevor at tecnopolis.ca> wrote:

> On 2016-08-17 Hartmut W Sager wrote:
> >
> > My big question is, are there any hiccups/hangups when this plan is
> > used on 100 mpbs ports and hardware?  A couple of my computers have
> > 100 mbps (not gigabit) ethernet ports, and so does a router or two
> My strong hunch would be "no worries".  IP and TCP should handle it
> well.  For years I ran many 100 modems on 10 NICs (a long while back)!
> Same dilemma, never any problem or speed issue.
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