[RndTbl] Using Shaw 150 mbps down / 15 mbps up / 1 TB data plan on 100 mpbs ports and hardware

Hartmut W Sager hwsager at marityme.net
Wed Aug 17 03:03:09 CDT 2016

I'm sure everyone here is well aware of Shaw's heavily promoted new
Internet plan that gives 150 mbps down / 15 mbps up / 1 TB data per month.

My big question is, are there any hiccups/hangups when this plan is used on
100 mpbs ports and hardware?  A couple of my computers have 100 mbps (not
gigabit) ethernet ports, and so does a router or two here.

Obviously my download speed will be limited to slightly under 100 mbps, but
my big fear is that the requisite stop/start handshaking protocol (if I
encounter a server that wants to send/stream at over 100 mbps) could hiccup
and hangup things.  I don't even know at which layer/level such a protocol
would operate.

I've definitely had such hangups with stop/start handshaking protocols in
the distant past, like with RS-232 serial.

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