[RndTbl] DNS search/resolv.conf help!

Kevin McGregor kevin.a.mcgregor at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 14:14:07 CDT 2016

I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 on a particular server. In the /etc/resolv.conf
there are two search lines:
search domA.example.org domB.example.org # [NOTE I made these up, but the
form is the same]
search domA.example.org

I want the search setting to be just:
search domA.example.org

I've deleted the top/offending line, but every time I restart dnsmasq or
run resolvconf -u (for example), the offending line comes back. Where is it
getting the domB.example.org from? I've looked in all the usual places (I
think), and tried "grep -R domB *" in /etc, but nothing turns up! I'm at a

Any pointers on where I should look next?

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