[RndTbl] 32 -> 64 offsite? just maybe?

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Sat Aug 13 02:04:17 CDT 2016

In my unending quest to find an easy way to upgrade 32-bit Linux
(Fedora) systems to 64-bit systems on headless boxes at remote sites
(i.e. don't need to go onsite), I think I may have thought of a way.
Can I get uber-genius approval? (Distro doesn't matter, same thought
process should work on any distro/packagemgr.)

0. starting point is a working 32-bit userland and kernel install with
ssh access only

1. install (force) 64b kernel on running 32b system, leave userland 32b,
reboot. Though not supported by Fedora, this should work in theory,
says the kernel guys.

2. trick dnf (nee yum; think apt-get) into thinking the system is 64
somehow (many ways to do this)

3. run dnf upgrade distsync (i.e. I'll go from F23 to F24 at the same
time), all userland goes 64, manually delete any leftover 32's that
aren't normally on a 64 system.

4. reboot, now kernel and ul are both 64

... might work??  A completely offsite way to pull off this extremely
tricky but urgently needed process?  Potential gotchas?  Maybe in step
3 the order of installs of libs vs bins goes wonky causing failure of
forking / execing of new bg (think pre/postinstall) ps's?

(Yes, I'll remember to ascii dump and stop any bitness-sensitive-data
progs like mysql first, then restore from ascii.)

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