[RndTbl] Replacement batteries for APC, CyberPower, etc.

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Thu Jun 25 15:30:03 CDT 2015

On 2015-06-23 Hartmut W Sager wrote:
> Yikes!  My 3 dead APC UPS's (dead batteries, that is) have battery
> replacement costs of $120 each (plus exhorbitant shipping charge on
> heavy lead-acid).

I'll shamelessly plug myself: I can get and sell (and I do all the
time) genuine APC brand batteries, as well as the tripp-lite "APC
compatible" ones that are $10-$15 less.

I've been using APC UPS's nearly exclusively since 1994 and bought
various batteries from various places and have come to the conclusion
that genuine APC batteries will last much longer in your UPS.  I don't
know why, but they just sell better batteries.  I'm talking 20-40%
longer longevity.  YMMV but that's been consistent in my experience.
Plus, APC ones are "plug and go", no need to screw around with
terminals and housings.  AND if *anything* goes wrong APC will send you
a new battery free of charge, no hassle, at least on their Smart line
that gets you "business" support.

You should get 3-4 years out of a good APC battery in a SmartUPS.
Cheaper UPSs go through them faster (no cooling, dumber charging
smarts, etc).

I could quote you on 3 units drop-shipped to your door and shipping is
included in my price.  Email me separately.

Also, if anyone has dead lead-acid (nearly all UPSs are lead-acid)
batteries, make sure you recycle them.  If you take them to Urban Mine
and they are over a low weight threshold (save up a few) they'll give
you cash money for them!  I take about 200 lb to them every few months
(I told you I sold a lot); so if you can't be bothered, bring them to a
MUUG meeting and I'll take them for you (but I keep the $$!).  ;-)

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