[RndTbl] Replacement batteries for APC, CyberPower, etc.

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Tue Jun 23 18:56:48 CDT 2015

There are a couple of battery replacement vendors in the Toronto area that usually beat local pricing even after shipping.
Just be aware that unless you have a UPS with only one battery "cell", you'll have to transplant the intra-battery-pack connectors yourself.  It's not a difficult procedure.

I don't even know if CyberPower sells replacement packs or if they just assume you're capable of replacing generic 12V cells yourself.

Certainty no-one that I'm aware of sells *cheap* battery packs... those are the blades, not the razor!



On June 23, 2015 5:08:29 PM CDT, Kelly Leveille <kel at kelweb.ca> wrote:
>I've been replacing APC ups batteries for several years from the
>Man on St. James.
>On Jun 23, 2015 4:59 PM, "Hartmut W Sager" <hwsager at marityme.net>
>> Yikes!  My 3 dead APC UPS's (dead batteries, that is) have battery
>> replacement costs of $120 each (plus exhorbitant shipping charge on
>> lead-acid).
>> Is there anywhere in Winnipeg where I can get replacement batteries
>> (original or compatible) for a reasonable price, and without
>> shipping charge?
>> Also, do any other brands, like CyberPower, have any better
>> policies/arrangements for replacement batteries?
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