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I'll be able to bring back a limited quantity of books with me from BSDCan; let me know this week if you'd like me to get anything from MWL, first-come-first-served.
I'll be in Ottawa for BSDCan on June 9th (the regular MUUG meeting), so if you want reading material this summer, I recommend making arrangements to pick it up from me after I'm back the following week!

(If you have no idea who this guy is, and you work with UNIX, you owe it to yourself to check him out.)


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The printer says that they'll have FreeBSD Mastery: ZFS ( https://www.michaelwlucas.com/nonfiction/freebsd-mastery-zfs )  to me before I leave for BSDCan.

And they've sent UPS tracking numbers. Numbers that UPS acknowledges. While they don't show a delivery date yet, UPS says that the boxes exist.

So I'm pretty confident in saying that I'll have books there. And I take Square.

The list price is $24.99 US. Given the exchange rate, they'll be $25 USD/$30 CAD for a "FreeBSD Mastery: ZFS" print/ebook bundle.

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