[RndTbl] Roundtable Digest, Vol 119, Issue 3

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Sat Nov 22 13:30:40 CST 2014

On 14-11-22 12:29 PM, Brock Wolfe wrote:
> My Thinkpad A31p has served me well as a portable workstation. I have 
> install AntiX Linux (lightweight distro) which works, but is too 
> slow.  Not the fault of the distro, but the Thinkpad is limited by 
> amount of ram that can be used.  Looking to replace with a current or 
> used workstation grade laptop.
Yeah, OK, that's getting a little slow for modern use, and 1GB max is a 
bit low.
If you want something similar but updated, you'll be looking at the 
Thinkpad W series or the Dell Precision series.  Obviously there are 
others out there, those are the two I'm familiar with.  Worth mentioning 
is the Apple Macbook Pro, too... Apple pricing isn't as far out to lunch 
as it used to be, at least for now.

(*cough*  You could also Buy Canadian and get a Eurocom Panther 5SE...  
who doesn't want a 12-core Xeon laptop, or 4-way SLI notebooks???)

If you have a way to get it across the border yourself, consider 
www.dellauction.com; otherwise check dellrefurbished.ca regularly, as 
their stock changes.  (overstock.com now ships to canada, FYI...)

Huh - Google just found this, which you could pick up *locally*: 

The big determinant of price is how much memory you want in it.  As long 
as you're happy with only 8GB, there's quite a selection of both new and 
used to choose from.  If you think you want >8GB, you'll pretty much 
have to buy brand-new.

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