[RndTbl] Help with pv?

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Tue Dec 16 08:01:04 CST 2014

On 2014-12-15 Kevin McGregor wrote:
> 5. vi works great!

6. make sure a firewall isn't blocking the ports you select (on either
side, but esp the listening comp; make sure you get the tcp/udp choice

PS: good trick Adam.  I had tried something similar to see if it would
work (with "&") but was trying with ssh (not nc) and it just wouldn't do
it correctly.

PPS: This trick should go into the pv info.  Better yet, pv needs a
feature to "connect" to arbitrary running pv to combine output :-)
Wouldn't be hard to do as it does IPC already.

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