[RndTbl] tock.umanitoba.ca NTP over IPv6 broken?

Theodore Baschak theodore at ciscodude.net
Mon Dec 15 16:01:05 CST 2014

> On 15 Dec 2014, at 13:51, David Milton <david at dmilton.ca> wrote:
> The U of M is connected via IPv6 through MRnet; the network core along with with a one ’test’ buildings/networks are full IPv6 dual stack. Tock is an appliance and does have an IPv6 address with ntp version 4 (not SNTP) but I’ve yet to be able to make ntp actually function over IPv6.  The vendor claims it works, my experience differs. Theres not really much configuration as the GUI only presents a check box called "Service all IPv6 requests by default.” and that’s been enabled for quite some time. The administrative interface does work fine over IPv6 but ntp apparently does not. I’ve been told not to do any further work on IPv6 so I’ve been poking at tock occasionally in my own time but not to any great extent.
> Cheers,
>  Dave.

Thanks for the extremely awesome and detailed response!

I forget how I got started on this in the first place, I think I noticed that I'd picked up "tock.umanitoba.ca" (according to revdns) via NTP.org's pool, and then changed my config to use it (of course, since  I'm all dual-stacked my system then prefers the V6 address).

Theo Baschak

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