[RndTbl] 32->64

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Mon Aug 25 23:05:26 CDT 2014

OK, screw 32-bit PAE, I'm going to switch to 64-bit Linux.  (For
reasons left as a teaser to read the upcoming newsletter...)

I'm going to attempt an in-place upgrade F19 to F20, similar to what is
outlined here:

It sounds do-able.  I'm more than used to doing wacky pseudo-supported
upgrade procedures; I'm running many boxes that have been upgraded
from Fedora 3 all the way through to F19 via yum (headless, via network)
only; and those boxes have also been hw upgraded a few times each!  Try
that with Windows (and the end result is clean and trim, not bloated)!

I do have a couple of questions I can't seem to find answers to:

1. Will /usr/local/bin stuff I've compiled myself (not too much), which
are obviously 32-bit binaries, run on my new 64 system?

2. If #1 requires 32-bit libraries, can Fedora 64-bit have both 32 and
64 libraries installed?

3. Will I lose flash?

4. How many programs am I running that (as per link above) use
binary arch-dependent data files?  The article mentions db files (I use
only MySQL/Maria), but I don't mind doing a full text dump/restore.
But what else might use them?  I'm a bit scared that systemd's new
journal logs might also cause problems.  What else?  (Good thing UNIX
is so text-based.)

Why do I not want to do a wipe/reinstall?
a) I'm good at getting the wacky option to work, generally.
b) I've configured the !*%@@ out of my box and to resetup everything to
the way I have it would take way more than the 1 day I am guessing the
upgrade method will take.
c) #b includes the bazillion daemons I run (and would require
reconfig / data file migration)

Thanks guys.

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