[RndTbl] CA Domain Registrars

Dan Keizer ve4drk at gmail.com
Tue Aug 19 12:11:36 CDT 2014

Hi there -- well, I'm getting frustrated with my current registrar "
domainsatcost.ca" ... whom I've used for many years.

They recently implemented an automatic renewal for all domains.  Meaning, I
get an email in my inbox saying I've been billed x$ for my domains that are
45 days from expiring.

I understand the reasoning behind it, (ie: DAU's) but I certainly don't
agree with being billed without a pre-notice invoice of some type.  (They
pointed out that I have the option of logging onto the site and looking at
my expiry date to find out when I would get billed -- bah -- not the point).

Since they have no opt-out option and have no other option to not be
renewed automatically, I am looking at other registrars to send my small
needs, referrals, to.

What do you guys know of for decent registrars for CA domains that you'd
recommend?  that don't have draconian policies ...


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