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Paul Sierks psierks at sierkstech.net
Tue Apr 22 09:56:58 CDT 2014

Okay, awesome. Thanks for the input, all!

On 04/21/2014 07:14 PM, Robert Keizer wrote:
> I run arch and zfs on my laptop. I haven't had any issues really.. 
> assuming your not trying to saturate a few gbit sustained, I imagine 
> the performance won't come into play.
> If you absolutely require encryption on disk as well, I would go with 
> FreeBSD; Little bit more bare bones when compared with freenas.
> On 2014-04-21 1:06 PM, "Paul Sierks" <psierks at sierkstech.net 
> <mailto:psierks at sierkstech.net>> wrote:
>     Weird subject, I know. But this is only for personal residential
>     use. I've been running Arch on a system with a number of disks in
>     raid for all my shared storage needs. This system also doubles as
>     a router / firewall with Wifi, and other little things such as pxe
>     booting. We'll recently I've been wanting to use ZFS with it more
>     and more. So I figured I'd get opinions. Arch does have packages
>     for ZFS, which would provide most features, just not encryption.
>     So would I be better to use pfSense or the like off a USB and add
>     what I need for ZFS, nfs, etc to it, or to just use FreeBSD? or is
>     there some other suggestions.
>     Thanks,
>     Paul
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