[RndTbl] reliable way of counting real CPUs under Linux?

Grigory Shamov Grigory.Shamov at umanitoba.ca
Thu Apr 17 14:39:09 CDT 2014

Hi All,

What would be the subj? Suppose you have a PC. It can have Intel or AMD
CPUs. It can have HyperThreading on, and even enabled. And it can have one
or two, or several sockets.

Would there be a universal method to count real physical cores? Say,
passing /proc/cpuinfo through a magic filter, and not failing on AMD
Opterons too?

Grigory Shamov

HPC Analyst, Westgrid/Compute Canada
E2-588 EITC Building, University of Manitoba
(204) 474-9625

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