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Sat Sep 28 22:58:07 CDT 2013

Will you need the scanner often, Trevor, or only occasionally?  I know when
I worked at Kendrick's the production copiers had a very fast scanner
(feeder, though glass was available) for up to 12x18  (greyscale or
bitmap), and a slower standalone scanner with feeder & flatbed that would
do colour (up to 12x18).  Save straight to PDF, and pricing was based on
time + a small flat fee ($2-5?).  Some place like Staples probably has
something too, though I suspect you'll have more luck with the smaller
print shops, especially if you want it in colour.

Similar to what Adam suggested - we also had a few artists who paint on
huge canvases (6'x6' and bigger) that would take photos of their work.
Then they'd tweak it in Photoshop to correct some colours so they could
make prints for sale.

If you're scanning something like text, playing with the Curves & Levels in
Photoshop will help tweak it to get white paper and dark, sharp text
(assuming you're not scanning as bitmap!)
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