[RndTbl] Obscure Solaris email?

Kevin McGregor kevin.a.mcgregor at gmail.com
Thu Oct 24 09:55:44 CDT 2013

We've been getting email from one of our Solaris 10 servers, and I can't
figure out precisely where it's coming from. It's a system call "Auto
Service Request" or ASR, and produces and email like this:
You requested the following events be forwarded to you from wwdsvpciss2

Site       : City of Winnipeg 510 Main St
Agent      : wwdsvpciss2
Severity   : Major
Category   : agent
Device Id  : wwdsvpciss2
Topic      : System
Event Type : NotifierFailedEvent
Event Code : 4.72.582
Event Date : 2013-09-26 03:29:30

An attempt to contact the ASR server resulted in a Connection timed out

Probable Cause:
The ASR has indicated a problem processing the posted data.
The cause may be due to an internal server failure, invalid settings
locally, or due to the

Recommended Action:
Examine the reason indicated in the description.
If the reason indicates a server failure, then back end support will need
to be notified.
If the connection was refused, verify the Sun Connection Configuration
settings first, then verify with back end support that the server is

It seems like there is a package responsible for this called "SUNWswasr"
except that's not installed on this machine! I've checked all kinds of logs
and it also doesn't seem to have a trace in crontab. Magic? Please suggest
some other places to look! We want to stop getting these messages or at
least direct them to a different account.

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