[RndTbl] Linux distro for Pentium III

Mark Jenkins mark at parit.ca
Mon Oct 7 16:32:46 CDT 2013

> If the ATI driver in Xorg doesn't work for that chipset, you might want
> to try the Xvesa server instead.  Hopefully, the chipset isn't so old
> that it predates VESA standards! :)
> If you want something in the Ubuntu family, Lubuntu might be a good
> choice for something ligher-weight than Mint or Ubuntu.  (It uses the
> LXDE desktop.)

LXDE on Ubuntu (Lubuntu) and Debian is a great way to save precious RAM, 
still get a decent desktop interface (graphical panel, menu, file 
browser), and still have access to the best repositories of well 
maintained software from a major distro. I even use machines with decent 
RAM as I really don't need more functionality than it provides and 
prefer to leave RAM available for caches etc.

Plus, with no OpenGL required, it works under vnc, so I'm able to stay 
consistent remote and local.

XFCE has the same qualities but uses more RAM.

On ubuntu 12.04 the ati video driver package is xserver-xorg-video-ati. 
Remove that (and xserver-xorg-video-all which depends on it)  and see if 
X falls back to using xserver-xorg-video-vesa .

Video playback and Adobe Flash support probably will be bad to 
non-existent though. (And old Adobe Flash plugin for Firefox is a dead 
end anyway in terms of future security support, the Adobe Flash support 
baked into Google Chrome is going to continue to be supported, but it 
requires OpenGL support)

In terms of desktop environments, definitely don't mess with anything 
that requires OpenGL like Gnome 3 or Ubuntu Unity (they have a 2D 
version of Unity that they're going to abandon, it always sucked anyway).

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