[RndTbl] Using Neoware thin client as an ASCII terminal

Gilbert E. Detillieux gedetil at cs.umanitoba.ca
Fri Nov 15 15:38:24 CST 2013

Hi folks.  Just a quick follow-up on my round-table question at the last 
MUUG meeting...

I still haven't found a way to access the serial port on the Neoware 
using Neolinux.  So, I went hunting for a small Linux distro dedicated 
to running minicom.  A Google search for "minicom linux boot floppy" 
pointed our a couple...


... plus an excerpt from a book called Embedded Linux, which showed you 
how to roll your own.  The second link above also explains how to roll 
your own, but concludes with a link to his own bootable floppy image.

PiTUX also comes with a boot floppy image, as well as an ISO CD image. 
I was able to get the boot image onto a partition in the Neoware flash 
drive, and modified the Neolinux lilo.conf to boot from that.  (The last 
part ended up being the hardest part, but I was kind of hoping not to 
toast the Neolinux image, in case I want to boot to that.)

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