[RndTbl] recommendations for good linux web server based photo gallery software?

Wyatt Zacharias wyatt at magitech.ca
Wed May 29 20:27:36 CDT 2013

I've used Gallery 3, and setup is quite simple, though it does require a
sql server.
Once you extract the tar ball with all the php files I think it's as simple
as running the setup.php file from your browser and plugging in your sql
server details and the automated script does the rest.
On May 29, 2013 5:01 PM, "Gilles Detillieux" <grdetil at scrc.umanitoba.ca>

> After spending too much time figuring out how to install and configure My
> Photo Gallery (http://fuzzymonkey.net/**software/photogallery/<http://fuzzymonkey.net/software/photogallery/>)
> on my CentOS 5 web server, only to realize it's completely inadequate for
> the task we have in mind, I thought I'd turn to the group for help before
> wasting a lot more time.  Do any of you have experience with good photo
> gallery software for Linux?
> I want something web based, which would make it reasonably easy to invite
> select individuals to upload photos for various events (seminars &
> symposia) we hold.  Ideally, we would set up a gallery for each event, then
> e-mail attendees access info (username & password) which would give them
> access to that gallery to upload photos taken at the event.  After a time,
> we'd close off access for uploads, e.g. by changing the password, but keep
> the gallery up for public viewing from our site.  It would have to be
> something really easy to use, simple and reliable, so that invitees don't
> have to spend a lot of time leaning or fighting with the site to upload a
> half-dozen pictures.  It would be really nice if it allowed them to add
> comments to the photos too.
> I was thinking of trying Gallery 2 next, which is apparently available
> from EPEL for CentOS 5.  But it looks like something pretty big and
> complicated with lots of packages, and it needs an SQL database on the back
> end, so I don't know how much of an effort it will be to install, configure
> and learn.  So, I thought I'd ask before investing a whole lot more time on
> this.  Any experience with this or other gallery software?  What's good out
> there that would fit the bill for our needs?  Or should we just give up on
> this idea and get everyone to upload to Flickr?
> Thanks!
> Gilles
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