[RndTbl] Summer project

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Fri Mar 29 15:16:31 CDT 2013

> 	Last spring I read this particular model of D-Link can be
> configured as a secondary AP.

Don't do that - that's exactly what Colin is warning against doing.  Instead, set it up as another AP that happens to have the same SSID, and connect the two APs via their LAN ports.  (And remember to disable DHCP on the 2nd one.)

> 	Considering most of the equipment I can get comes from a
> recycler (for
> free) only the wired option is likely. Then I would have to get
> something to run from the front of the house to the back...

Those D-Links are 100Mit, not gigabit, so ordinary Cat5 will work fine (no need for Cat5e).  I've been throwing out all the Cat5 I run across because it's useless to me now... I'm sure *someone* here can divert a single 50' Cat5 patch cord from the garbage can!

> 	Yup. SMCWLAN-G. There are Vista drivers but the installers
> DEMAND installing Vista first before we can access the drivers. Two
> of us spent all afternoon (and part of the morning) looking. We came
> really close but no joy.

Do you mean SMCWLAN-CG, SMCWPCIT-G or SMCWUSB-G?  There's no such product (AFAIK) as an SMCWLAN-G.


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