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I know someone who used to work for the Fair Business Practices branch
of Industry Canada. They investigate and prosecute stuff like that. They
won't do anything unless they receive a complaint. If you want them to
do something, put it in writing. Here's the website that describes how:
As for CIRA, they're also government so I assume they're the same.
Rob Dyck

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Yes, both I and one particular customer of mine have gotten a lot of
snailmail of this type, especially from DRoC (Domain Registry of
Canada).  DRoC adds the further deception of making their envelopes look
similar to Government of Canada mailings - similar light brown envelopes
and similar red maple leaf logo.
Since DRoC is actually located in Canada, I wish our federal authorities
would crack down on them and put them out of business.  Surely there
must be some grounds on which to do this? - the deceptive envelopes and
logo, the shady contents, etc.  And CIRA, where are you when we need
you?  Can't DRoC be deregistered for ".ca" at least, due to unethical
Hartmut Sager
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On 2013-03-20 Dan Keizer wrote:
> Tried but true method I guess .. but .. did anyone else get postal
> mail from domain.com <http://domain.com/>  (co-sponsored by google)?
it is regarding their

I've seen lots of snail and email from companies like that (especially
DRoC) trying to steal business away by confusing end users.  Usually
their prices are outrageous.  Beware!
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